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We are closed for the school year! Thank you for joining us this past summer.

Practical Teacher Training for Science Teachers (and Other Content Teachers)

Science teachers are busy people.  We have labs to run, labs to clean up, labs to grade, content lessons to plan and teach, and assessments to plan and grade.  Add on top of that: teachers need tools and processes that empower them to use their time efficiently and effectively to help their students as best as they can.  

Our collection of professional development courses provides teachers with practical tips, tools, and processes that they can take right away and use right away in their classroom.  

Our courses are designed to benefit all middle school and high school science teachers.

Our Courses

Teacher Prep Room Professional Development

  • Video Demonstrations

    Our professional development courses are built to support teachers with tool walkthroughs, science-teacher-how-to's, and actionable tips. Our course videos are designed to respect teacher time.

  • Templates and Worksheets

    All Prep Room Courses come with editable templates, checklists, and/or worksheets teachers can take straight from the course and implement in their own classroom!

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

    Prep Room course members gain access to an exclusive Facebook Group just for Prep Room teachers to discuss how to implement the techniques and resources they learn.

  • PD Certificate Issued

    At the end of each course, teachers receive a professional development certificate with credit hours noted on the certificate.

Course Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Bethany is a science teacher/tutor, illustrator, and writer with over 15 years experience of teaching and mentoring students and other teachers in all areas of science, robotics, and mathematics. Bethany is best known as an innovative science educational resource writer; her resources are used in over 60 countries around the world. She created the Teacher Prep Room as a place for teachers to learn, grow, and be supported on their own teaching journeys. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two small children.

Bethany Lau

Teacher and Author

Course Instructor

Instructor Bio:

Karen Randazzo is an enthusiastic chemistry teacher in New Jersey. She believes that every student has the power to learn anything, even chemistry. Chemistry teacher by day, teacher author by night, she's dedicated to making teachers' lives more manageable by offering professional development, sharing her engaging resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, and collaborating with educators on various social media platforms. A former "chalk and talk" teacher, she shares her journey navigating the Next Generation Science Standards and student-centered learning on her YouTube channel. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her tech integration expertise with you!

Karen Randazzo

Teacher and Author


  • How long will my purchased course be available?

    These course offerings are current for the 2021 Summer. Purchasers will have access to course material from July 5, 2021 to September 30, 2021.

  • What other online support is available for course students?

    All course students will receive a link to a private Teacher Prep Room group where they can join and discuss ideas with other students in the courses.

  • Will Professional Development Credits be earned by completing each course?

    A course completion certificate with the number of course hours will be issued after the completion of each course. Your school or district may have further requirements for professional development. We think our practical teacher courses should definitely count, but it will be up to your district.

  • Can a site license be purchased for a school district?

    Please contact us at with the number of teachers you would like to use our courses with and we will get back to you with group pricing.

  • Are we affiliated with any edtech company?

    No! There are online tools, apps, and educational tech tools that we talk about in our courses, but we have not received any compensation from these companies, unless otherwise indicated inside the course. We only recommend tools we think are terrific! We do not own these tools or apps and we do not provide tech support beyond the scope of the course. If any links within the course are affiliate links (for example Amazon), the link will be noted as such.